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● in July 2014, Zigbee to Bluetooth adapter was released.

● in June 2014, the atzgb-470f13 wireless 485 dual-mode module based on the 470MHz frequency band of Lora technology and the atzgb-470f12 wireless module were released.

In May 2014, atzgb-780f11 high-power wireless 485 dual-mode module and atzgb-780f12 high-power wireless module were released.

● in May 2014, an agreement was signed with ATMEL to officially become the third party of technical cooperation for MCU and RF product line in ATMEL China.

● in April 2014, the 485 interface collector of Modbus protocol was released and applied to the warehouse environment monitoring system.

In April 2014, the display type low-power temperature and humidity sensor was released and applied to the warehouse environment monitoring system.

● in April 2014, five channels of multi parameter acquisition slave controller products were released and applied to the intelligent agricultural monitoring system.

● in March 2014, the multi-channel control gateway was released and applied to the intelligent agricultural monitoring system.


● in October 2013, wireless multi-channel controller products were released for application in intelligent agricultural monitoring system.

● in July 2013, the commissioning of thermal metering system was carried out in an all-round way.

● in August 2013, the product of simple Ethernet gateway and repeater was released and applied to the monitoring system for the elderly living alone.

● in June 2013, the second generation product of environmental monitoring system was released, with protection grade of IP65 and longer battery life.

● in June 2013, outdoor gateway was released, compatible with GPRS / Ethernet / Wi Fi access server, and applied to environmental monitoring system.

● in May 2013, the production of thermal metering products was fully started to ensure the supply.

● in April 2013, we obtained the "cloud sky based on the Internet of things Software copyright certificate of forwarding system.

● in March 2013, we obtained the "cloud sky based on the Internet of things Transmission system software copyright certificate.

● in March 2013, we obtained the "cloud sky based on the Internet of things Collect the software copyright certificate of software system.

● in March 2013, the dual-mode wireless module products improved the communication response speed of heating metering equipment, and realized the multi-mode coexistence communication architecture of heat metering network.


● in November 2012, the commissioning of the first stage heat metering system was completed.

● in October 2012, the intelligent agricultural environment monitoring system was released.

● in September 2012, the special modules and products for household heat metering were fully supplied to ensure the completion of equipment installation before heating.

● in August 2012, the data concentrator product was officially released and applied to Beijing heating metering system, which is responsible for data collection, processing and storage of the overall metering control network, equipment management and authority control of equipment and temperature controller.

● in August 2012, the wireless data transponder was launched and applied to the Beijing heating metering system to undertake the network maintenance and data collection among the equipment.

● in July 2012, the wireless data repeater was launched and applied to the Beijing heating metering system to bridge the communication between the execution equipment and the temperature controller to meet the routing between the over distance equipment.

● in July 2012, we obtained the "cloud sky based on the Internet of things Transmission system software copyright certificate.

● in June 2012, atzgb-f6 series modules were launched to realize underground gas monitoring and transmission with S5 series modules.


● in December 2011, the joint commissioning of heat metering system was completed and bug was corrected.

● in September 2011, atzgb-f5 module product was launched and applied to Beijing heating metering equipment to undertake data communication between execution equipment and temperature controller.

● in July 2011, it began to undertake the research and development of Beijing household thermal metering communication system.

● in June 2011, it completed the comprehensive function improvement of 2.4G and 780mhz frequency bands of S3 and S5 series products, meeting the needs of most low-end application markets.

● in May 2011, 780s and 780f series modules were launched.

● in March 2011, the sub 1g band application transplantation of F-series module and S-Series module was completed and applied to the sensor data acquisition system.

● in January 2011, it began to use ATMEL's sub 1g band ZigBee chip protocol migration


● in October 2010, the company increased capital by 1 million yuan, and formally named the whole network synchronous dormant communication protocol stack as sleep tree protocol stack, established the future protocol stack authorization operation mode, studied and referred to the foreign communication protocol stack management mode, encapsulated the sleep tree protocol stack, and improved the complete set of authorization management mechanism. With the official release of the protocol stack, it will more reflect the market positioning of cloud Tianchuang, and more clearly define the development direction of the product.

● in September 2010, atzgb-2400f3 module was introduced, which is specially used for audio acquisition and storage applications, with TF card.

● in August 2010, S3 series of low-cost wireless UART data transmission products were launched, which opened up new application market and low-end application market, widely used in RS232 and RS485 cable replacement.

● in June 2010, ZigBee audio transmission was successfully realized, and 8kbps audio transmission was realized through independent audio compression algorithm, and the telephone voice quality was achieved.

● in April 2010, atzgb-2400f1 and atzgb-2400s3 passed CE certification and obtained certificates.

● in March 2010, solutions and products based on the whole network synchronous dormancy communication protocol stack were successively launched: self Networking Wireless coal stacking spontaneous combustion monitoring and ad hoc wireless geological disaster monitoring solutions and products. In the period of technological breakthrough, we will gradually expand the product competitiveness and market scope, find and solve the deficiencies of existing systems and future systems by referring to the technical level at home and abroad, and provide customers with professional business process consulting services, providing them with the best business platform in terms of best practices in wireless sensor network industry and Internet of things industry and their own product innovation capabilities.

● in March 2010, we obtained the "low power wireless "Internet system" software copyright certificate.

● in February 2010, we obtained the "based on RF Link system software copyright certificate.

● in February 2010, we obtained the "based on RF Storage system software copyright certificate.

● The first wireless sensor network protocol stack with synchronous sleep transmission function was launched in January 2010.


● in December 2009, the city lighting control system based on wireless sensor network with independent property rights was successfully launched, and it was successfully applied to street light control in a southern city.

● in November 2009, the "based on RF Link system software copyright certificate.

● in October 2009, access to wireless based Software copyright certificate of strain monitoring system.

In September 2009, we obtained the "wireless based Control system software copyright certificate.

● in August 2009, access to "based on ZigBee Software system software copyright certificate.

● in July 2009, the landslide monitoring system was successfully implemented.

● in June 2009, the atzgb-2400f1 module was successfully applied to the landslide monitoring system in cooperation with relevant laboratories of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications.

● in April 2009, the company established its own brand in sensor network applications, officially entered the market with excellent performance indicators of its own products, and was recognized by customers and chip manufacturers. It was invited by chip manufacturers (ATMEL) to successfully participate in the spring 2009 global integrated circuit exhibition (IIC).

● in March 2009, the company formulated a strategic plan for the future development of the company, improved the existing product line and developed new product lines, including hardware platform and stronger function protocol stack. In the sales work, the position of technical solution service support in the business development and the significance of promoting the rapid development of the business are clarified.


●  In December 2008, S1 simple wireless communication module based on 51 core was launched, which is compatible with the basic instruction architecture of IEEE 802.15.4 specification on the wireless model.

●  In October 2008, the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol was cut down and the development of atzgb-2400s1 simple application module was started.

●  In July 2008, Beijing yuntianchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established and launched atzgb-2400f1 2.4G band ZigBee / 2007 standard wireless module