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Company introduction

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  Founded in July 2008, Beijing yuntianchuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a young company engaged in research, development, production and sales of wireless communication technology and products. Since 2005, the company's core personnel have been committed to the research and development and application of wireless sensor network communication products, with rich experience in wireless communication system design, with professional technology and good service ability to provide users with personalized network communication solutions.

  Yuntianchuang has the best performance index in the industry on the network hardware platform. Under the same wireless transmission power, it has the farthest transmission distance and the smallest current consumption. At the same time, besides providing 2.4G band wireless communication hardware, yuntianchuang is the only wireless hardware platform in the industry that provides 700m / 800m / 900m frequency band and conforms to IEEE 802.15.4 specification.

  Yuntianchuang has its own originality in the research and development of network optimization software. Yuntianchuang has two sets of independently developed wireless cellular communication protocol stacks, which can greatly improve the network performance, the number of nodes in the network, the utilization rate and efficiency of network equipment, support the overall sleep of the network, and greatly reduce the network energy consumption and human and material expenditure. The company has been committed to providing users with the latest, professional technical services, improve the level of enterprise automation applications. The company can provide customers with ZigBee wireless technology network and solutions, communications and other competitive products, according to customer requirements to provide special purpose product design solutions and ODM services, and provide support based on ZigBee platform software solutions.


  At the same time, the company has maintained long-term good strategic partnership with many well-known enterprises in the industry, and has carried out multi-directional, wide-ranging and deep-seated cooperation. At the same time, it has become the technical partner of ATMEL China MCU and ZigBee product line, arrow IDH partner, a college strategic partner of Zhejiang University, and a college strategic partner of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications. Our products are widely used in medical, electric power, communication, intelligent instruments, intelligent transportation, coal mines, machine tools, domestic universities and other demanding industrial automation control fields. We have successfully completed a number of engineering projects and obtained wide recognition from customers. We have successfully provided sensor data acquisition for key projects such as Dunhuang cultural relics environmental monitoring and Coal Academy Integrated and wireless link transmission services.

  Historical service cases include: urban street lamp control system, cultural relic micro meteorological environment monitoring system, intelligent agricultural environment monitoring system, medical warehouse environment monitoring system, heat metering communication system, special vehicle positioning and status monitoring system, subway passenger load monitoring platform, etc.