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job title
release time
System test engineer
Several people

job requirements:


1. Participate in requirement discussion and analysis of the project

2. Design test plan, scheme and test case according to requirement specification and design document

3. Understand basic testing methods and skills, be able to independently test modules and processes, submit defects and track them

4. Make test report according to test results

5. Write user manual and provide remote technical support to customers


1. Major in computer and electronics

2、 Familiar with test process and test specification, master test theory, test engineering method, test design, test process analysis, management and effective monitoring;

3. Familiar with software development and testing process, steps, testing standards and specifications

4. Good communication skills, efficient coordination and organization management ability, strong analysis and judgment ability, communication ability to ensure smooth information and smooth test work;

5. Work style is practical and conscientious, with a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, with a good sense of professionalism and teamwork;

6. Good ability of document writing, reading and expression;

X86 platform software engineer
Several people

job requirements:


1. Software development of system management platform

2. Database management

3. Man machine interface on

4. Data analysis and display

5. Customization of customer application platform


1. Proficient in using. Net, C ා, ASP, java script in one or more languages for application system development

2. Familiar with VS.NET development tools

3. Familiar with MS SQL or Oracle Application and development

4. Familiar with X86 hardware communication development experience is preferred

5. Good communication skills and active attitude, with innovative spirit, continuous learning ability and strong analysis and problem-solving ability.

Embedded Software Engineer
Several people

job requirements:


1. Complete the platform software development of specified functions

2. Write the corresponding function code according to customer requirements

3. Test and development of wireless communication protocol stack


1. More than 1 year experience in SCM software development; Senior Software Engineer Requirement: more than 5 years development experience

2. Bachelor degree or above, relevant software development experience (C or C + +)

3. Familiar with software and hardware platform development process

4. Familiar with AVR and arm platform and development environment

5. Familiar with IEEE802.15.4 specification

6. Communication industry development experience is preferred

7. Strong sense of responsibility and logic

8. Strong team work ability

Embedded hardware engineer
Several people

job requirements:


1. Measurement of the whole machine performance, debugging and auditing of software and hardware

2. Finalization schematic diagram, PCB

3. Judgment and treatment of customer hardware and software problems


1. Have a deep theoretical foundation of electronic circuit, and have a thorough understanding of product schematic diagram

2. Proficient in PCB wiring, high speed, high frequency PCB design experience is preferred

3. Familiar with C language, with MCU software and hardware development experience

4. Familiar with AVR platform, GPS, communication product development experience is preferred