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What is IC?

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IC is the general Bai name of semiconductor component products, including:

  1. Integrated circuit du (integrated circuit, abbreviated as Zhi: IC).

  2. two, triode.

  3. Special electronic components Dao.


The product classification of IC chips can be classified as follows:

1、 The types of integrated circuits are generally classified by the number of electronic components including transistors.

  SSI (small integrated circuit) with 10-100 transistors.

  MSI (medium scale integrated circuit), transistor number 100-1000.

  LSI (large scale integrated circuit) with 1000-100000 transistors.

  VLSI (very large scale integrated circuit) with more than 100000 transistors.

2、 According to functional structure.

  According to their different functions and structures, integrated circuits can be divided into analog integrated circuits and digital integrated circuits.

3、 Classification according to manufacturing process.

  Integrated circuit can be divided into semiconductor integrated circuit and film integrated circuit. Film integrated circuits are classified into thick film integrated circuits and thin film integrated circuits.

4、 According to different types of conductivity.

  IC can be divided into bipolar IC and unipolar IC according to conductive type. Bipolar integrated circuit has complex manufacturing process and large power consumption, which represents TTL, ECL, HTL, lst-tl, sttl and other types of integrated circuits.

  Unipolar IC is easy to be made into large-scale integrated circuits because of its simple manufacturing process and low power consumption. The representative types of integrated circuits are CMOS, NMOS, PMOS, etc.

5、 Classification by use.

  Integrated circuits can be divided into integrated circuits for TV sets according to their applications. Integrated circuits for audio, video disc player, video recorder, computer (microcomputer), electronic organ, communication, camera, remote control, language, alarm and other special integrated circuits.

Extended data

Common sense of IC detection

  Before testing, we should understand the working principle of the integrated circuit and its related circuits. Before checking and repairing the integrated circuit, we should be familiar with the function of the integrated circuit used, the internal circuit, the main electrical parameters, the role of each pin, the normal voltage and waveform of the pin and the working principle of the circuit composed of peripheral components. If the above conditions are met, the analysis and inspection will be much easier.

  The test should not cause short circuit between pins. When measuring voltage or testing waveform with oscilloscope probe, the lead or probe should not slide to cause short circuit between pins of integrated circuit. It is better to measure on peripheral printed circuit directly connected with pins. Any transient short circuit is easy to damage the integrated circuit, so we should be more careful when testing the CMOS integrated circuit with flat package.

  It is strictly prohibited to use the grounded test equipment to contact the live TV, audio, video and other equipment on the bottom plate without the isolation transformer. It is strictly prohibited to directly test the TV, audio, video and other equipment without the power isolation transformer with the grounded instrument and equipment.

  Attention should be paid to the insulation performance of the electric soldering iron. It is not allowed to use the soldering iron with electricity. To confirm that the iron is not charged, it is better to ground the shell of the soldering iron. More attention should be paid to the MOS circuit. It is safer to use 6 ~ 8V low-voltage electric soldering iron.

  In order to ensure the quality of welding, it is necessary to weld firmly. The accumulation of solder and porosity are easy to cause false soldering. The welding time is generally less than 3 seconds, and the power of soldering iron is about 25W. The welded integrated circuit should be checked carefully. It is better to use an ohmmeter to measure whether there is a short circuit between the pins, and then connect the power supply after confirming that there is no solder adhesion.

Don't judge the damage of integrated circuit easily. Don't judge the damage of integrated circuit easily.

  When the internal resistance of the test instrument is large to measure the DC voltage of the integrated circuit pin, the multimeter with the internal resistance of the meter head greater than 20K Ω / V should be selected, otherwise there will be a large measurement error for some pin voltages.

  Attention should be paid to the heat dissipation of power IC. The power IC should have good heat dissipation. It is not allowed to work under high power without radiator.

  The lead wire should be reasonable. If it is necessary to add peripheral components to replace the damaged part of the integrated circuit, small components should be selected, and the wiring should be reasonable to avoid unnecessary parasitic coupling, especially the grounding terminal between audio power amplifier integrated circuit and preamplifier circuit.